Thursday, May 24, 2001

I’ve already received one set of comments on Paste, which I plan to implement tonight if I get a chance. I’ll be awfully busy tonight, though; I need to mow the lawn during this brief respite from the rain, and I should clean the house.

About those comments on Paste, though. The commenter pointed out that some pieces of the UI can overlap. When I asked for clarification, he explained that if the window is resized to be tiny (e.g., 50 pixels wide), there’s not enough room for all the controls, and so they bunch up.

The thing is…Paste is a tool for changing the desktop wallpaper, which is typically a huge image. You’d never need to make the window small; in fact, you’d want the window to be as large as possible. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the comment — it is a valid issue — it’s just funny that this is the first thing that people note. It’s a good example of the Engineering mindset.

I suppose I should be comforted that this is the most noticeable bug so far.

Hmmm. I should note, in case you readers don’t know, that I change these diary entries fairly often. I’ve gone in and edited a past entry several times this week, simply because I had written those entries early in the day, before something significant had occurred. So, you may want to skim past entries occasionally to ensure that nothing’s been changed.

The current poll on war is certainly getting interesting.

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