Tuesday, May 29, 2001

I and my parents will be leaving for Europe this Thursday. We’ll spent two entire weeks on another continent. Weird. It’s so close now.

I do plan on using a few net cafes while I’m over there, and updating this diary from those. I hope to be able to write beautiful prose about the cities I’ve visited.

Yeah. Sure.

Anyvay, I’ll also be checking a personal e-mail address from there (God bless web-based e-mail): <gurney@webmages.com>. If you need to get ahold of me, e-mail me at that address; I’ll try to check it every couple of days. I’ll take it down after I get back, to avoid spambots finding that address.

I’ve been skimming Joel on Software, an excellent site about principles of software development. The “Joel” in question is Joel Spolsky, who worked for Microsoft (on Excel and other things) and Juno. In terms of usefulness, interest, and writing ability, his site ranks right up there with Ask Tog, in my opinion. I hope I can remember to check it often.

And it’s time for another poll; this time, about the best OS for power users. Last week’s poll came out like so:

What do you think about war?
– There’s always a better way. (33%)
– War is sometimes necessary. (41%)
– War is a legitimate tool of the state. (8%)
– I don’t like to think about it. (16%)

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