Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Just ran across Broken Saints, which is trying to use Flash to make a serious online animated manga type of thing. You get drawn into this odd world of seemingly-random images and storylines. Here’s a beggar on the street, there is a man driving a truck through the desert. What do they have to do with each other? Watch it and find out.

I won an eBay auction of a cel of Mitsuki Sanada from Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. It ended up costing me USD $41 when shipping was included, but Dual cels are hard to find. Gotta grab it while I can. Here’s the cel:

[Dual cel]

Well, according to my previous poll, it looks like a lot of you like romance novels. Cool. I’ve posted a new (rather lengthy) poll, as you can see, about the recent Chinese “Cyber World War” against American computers.

Meanwhile, tonight I purposed to follow my schedule as closely as possible. As a result, I:

  • Did my devotions
  • Drew a sketch of a woman from a magazine
  • Practiced playing on the piano
  • Practiced playing on the violin
  • Re-wrote a scene from Wine
  • Answered all my e-mail
  • Paid those bills that I had outstanding

Amazing. That productivity is a direct result of my evening schedule. As difficult as it is for me to keep that schedule, it increases my productivity tremendously.

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