Friday, June 29, 2001

If you haven’t already, check out Saturday’s big entry, where I relate the tale of my adventures at Dulles Airport. There are pretty pictures to entertain you, too.

Time for a new poll, this one about the latest findings in the Microsoft trial. Here are the results from the last poll:

Now that movie studios are discussing digital broadcasts of movies (and seem to be much more mature about it than the RIAA has been about music), what do you think about viewing movies online?
Great, but only if they’re free. (0%)
Great, but only if I can download it. (25%)
I’d be willing to pay up to a couple of bucks maybe. (50%)
I can’t see myself watching a full-length movie on my computer. (25%)

I’ve updated the bookshelves of my library. There are now links to listings for each author, as well as a number of new categories.

I got a new modem tonight, so I was finally able to replace my dying one and catch up on the e-mails that have been piling up. It took awhile, but now it’s mysteriously working well. My only problem now is that it’s only connected at 33k both times I’ve connected to the net. Odd.

And now I’m staring at a bunch of cels from The Wings of Honneamise, which is arguably one of the greatest anime films ever made. There’s a site selling an $80 cel from the opening sequence, which is so memorable that it’s about like finding a cel from the spaghetti dinner scene in Lady in the Tramp. I know I’m going to buy it, if I can muster up the courage and the finances to buy it before somebody else does. At least it’s being sold from a website rather than an eBay auction.

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