Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Yahoo! has a site called Yahoo! Experts, where people can ask questions, and get answers from Yahoo! users who have expertise in a particular area. I like to answer writing questions on the “Books & Writing” forum. Most of them are either requests that we do somebody’s homework (“Name the creator of the literary genre known as the realistic animal story”) or clueless questions from beginning writers (“I have always dreamed of writing a novel. How does one go about getting a pulisher to look at your work?”).

As I post my responses, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the responses posted by the other experts for this forum. I figure that I may find some interesting people involved in the writing business.

[A visitor]
A snake in the bushes.

While I haven’t noticed anyone of particular interest, I have noticed that one “expert,” radiomovie, has been responding to most questions with a plug for a certain website, Flaming Horse Productions. Not surprisingly, radiomovie has posted some of his own writing there. He posted another such spam this morning, and I finally reported him to the Yahoo! abuse center.

I’ve since looked over his most recent set of answers, and to be fair, he doesn’t spam about Flaming Horse in every single post. Out of the past ten responses, only six were Flaming Horse spams, but the rest were almost all brief, general-knowledge answers.

Still, you’re being annoying when half of what you say is an advertisement. Even television isn’t that bad.

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