Wednesday, June 13, 2001

It’s funny…Exploitation Now! started as an aggressively bawdy online comic, with rampant nudity and sexual content. Now it’s telling one of the most dramatic, powerful stories I’ve ever seen in an online comic.

I also find it interesting that the powerful drama doesn’t come from the nudity or sex.

It’s sad to see that neobaka is shutting down. It was a good strip, with a whole lot of potential. I’ll be very interested to see what the artist does next, though.

After chatting with Brennen about my ability to sort through the roughly 80 e-mails I get per day, I realized that most of that comes from two anime music video mailing lists, neither of which are providing me with much value. They both consist mostly of flamewars and requests for technical help with one or another video editing package. And while there’s nothing wrong with that — heck, I expect it out of a mailing list — I’m spending half an hour every day sorting through this stuff.

So, I’ve unsubscribed from both of the AMV lists. Now I’ll only get the DOROTHY-L digest once a day, and posts to the AtheOS-developer mailing list (which gets something like five or ten messages a day). Now I won’t have to check my e-mail in the mornings before work.

took over the build process of our online help system today at work. It’s exciting, knowing that I’m the god of building online help. It’s my baby, my responsibility, and up to me.

I came home and didn’t get much accomplished, though I did have a wonderful conversation with Saalon about Wine. He’s immersing himself in my notes, so we spent about two hours just discussing story ideas and clarifying character profiles.

I also started fiddling with some Calliope code. I’ve been feeling sort of directionless in regards to defining how Calliope should work, so I felt I needed to plunge forward in some direction, if only to figure out what not to do. It worked; I now know how to design the internal data structure.

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