Saturday, July 14, 2001

This is weird. Normally, I tire of ICQ conversations quickly. For the past few days, I’ve been wanting to chat with Saalon and Brennen, and they haven’t been on ICQ. :sigh:

I do know that Saalon’s working on pre-production for his short film, leet, mainly because I just received the third draft of the script today. It’s improving nicely, too. Ideas for improvements are forming in the back of my mind, so I’m printing the script to review in bed. Like I ever have enough energy to read in bed.

[Redemption card]
A Redemption card

I spent the morning at McLean Bible Church, leading a class on the Redemption collectible card game. Actually, I was showing the three people who came the basics of gameplay. We played two games and enjoyed ourselves, though. We hope to be able to start a club, providing more people show up at future (weekly) installments of this class.

I came home and spent some time finishing a little video project of mine. I took the preliminary Wine character sketches and assembled them into a montage video, set to an mp3 of Faure’s Pavanne. I’d link to it here, except that personalStudio won’t export the video properly. More updates if I can wrestle personalStudio into doing my will.

Myself and my parents then drove out to see the National Symphony Orchestra play selections from movie soundtracks. I’d bought the tickets awhile back, and had been looking forward to the concert. It was wonderful; the the raucous, vibrant rhythm of West Side Story combined with the the classic melody of The Sorceror’s Apprentice, leading into the haunting music from Schindler’s List and building up to the final, explosive selections from Star Wars. The applause was tremendous.

It’s almost midnight right now as I write this entry. I wish I could spend the next half an hour describing my emotions as I listened to the music tonight, of the feather that drifted down from the heights as the theme from JFK played, the energy of the orchestra as they played Mr. Holland’s Opus, the perfect beauty of a balmy, breezy Virginia evening. But I have to go to bed.

So, I will.

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