Wednesday, July 25, 2001

I must admit, I am proud of myself. I came home at 10:30 from a night out with friends, and proceeded to do my devotions, check my e-mail, and practice drawing. I could have abandoned it and instead gone directly to bed, but no! I kept up with it.

See, I have trouble saying “No” to myself. I often procrastinate on projects — even fun ones — because I don’t want to do them right now. This is immature, of course, but it’s also been somewhat difficult for me to fight. Now, I’ve realized how easy it is to fight.

Note what I said: procrastination is easy to fight. It’s not easy to win. But even if you don’t win, simply recognizing that I really do procrastinate has made it easier for me to recognize times when I am procrastinating.

OK, I’ll climb off the soapbox now. But I feel so wonderful, having done what I want to do.

I’ve been making some changes to this site in the past couple of days. The change that I find most interesting is the recently updated files page (since removed), which automagically lists the files that have been updated recently on my personal website.

And while perusing the website for a surprisingly good magazine called Fast Company, I came across a paper on slacking off as it relates to computational tasks: thanks to Moore’s Law, you can actually get a computationally-intensive project done faster if you wait a little while and buy (more powerful) computers later in the game.

In the evening, I caught up on my tapes of Mobile Suit Gundam, episodes 2 and 3. It’s not quite as gritty as the first episode was, but there’s no shortage of death and destruction (much of it personal). I’m impressed.

And on a totally different note, I’m thinking of upgrading Lady, so that it can handle software development. I’m still kind of in shock, that I can get a 900 Mhz AMD Duron, motherboard, and 256 MB of RAM for under USD $300. Tempting, but I’ll have to wait until after I’ve spent money at Otakon August 11–13. I spent more than that at this year’s Katsucon.

I’ve also decided to take the $300 I’m getting back from the IRS and put it into a fund for Otherspace Productions. Which means I should incorporate Otherspace so I can have an actual business checking account for it, so I’ll actually be able to put that $300 somewhere.

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