Sunday, August 5, 2001

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting weekend. Warning: I’m about to give you a dry description of the weekend’s events. Don’t expect entertainment, or even good writing here.

Saturday morning saw me at McLean Bible Church again, teaching Redemption. Only three people showed up, but we had a great time. Afterwards, I bought a bunch of extra cards, then went to Staples and bought a bunch of playing card organizer sheets plus a pretty blue binder. So, now I’m all organized. I’ve even managed to tighten up my playing decks.

We didn’t go to church this morning, after Mom had such a busy week with my nieces here, so instead I joyously skipped through the house, finishing up my cleaning chores. Um, yeah.

But then I had fun. My Palm III has been broken for awhile, and its replacement still doesn’t work, so Mom and I went to CompUSA, in search of a replacement PDA in the form of a Handspring Visor. I settled on the Deluxe model, with a one-year warranty. I don’t normally go for warranties, but this was USD $20 and covered any damages, no questions asked.

Interestingly, the guy who sold it to us asked why I was replacing my Palm with a Handspring. After I explained that I liked what I’d heard about the physical components you can add, and just general good buzz, he said that this was the first time he’d ever had a Palm owner replacing their Palm with a Handspring.

While we were there, I looked at digital cameras. With Otakon coming up soon, I wanted a camera to replace my old one, which does nothing more than insistently flash a little red light at me whenever I turn it on. I didn’t want to spend more than USD $400 or so, but my Mom pointed me towards a really nice camera that’s waterproof, pointing out that, with digital cameras being relatively delicate anyway, this would be an excellent investment.

[Kodak DC5000 image]

So, I caved in and bought a Kodak DC5000 Zoom: 2.0 megapixels, zoom, 1600×1200 high-res imaging; this thing even comes with a video-out port so you can plug it into a TV. I’m very pleased.

The only problem was, when you include the warranties and the 64 MB CompactFlash card I bought, I ended up spending a thousand dollars. Not only is that an awful lot of money for me to spend, I’ll probably find things to buy at Otakon this weekend. I’m definitely going to have to tighten my belt here for a little while, if I expect to pay for all this.

Meanwhile, I bought a domain for Kamidake: I’ve also added a few new features, including a field for the version of AtheOS that an app will run on. I must admit that I’m having a lot of fun with Kamidake; there’s enough movement within the community to make it a fun project, without it draining large amounts of my time.

I’ve also fixed my sister’s website, for Chris’ Aquia Car Repair. I’m also enjoying that work, since it’s relatively easy for me, and pays well. I just wish I could get a lot of consistent web work, though I suspect that then I’d have to work for a number of morons, if only by the law of averages.

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