Thursday, August 30, 2001

OK, I promised to talk about Showstopper! and Windows NT. I’ll get a copy of the book later on today and copy down the exact statement that made my mental jaw drop to the floor.


My parents have gone down to North Carolina for the weekend to attend a wedding and sightsee, so I’ll be home alone until Sunday. This means I have to take care of the plants and feed and walk the dogs — which, in turn, requires that I come home from work every few hours to walk them. I don’t mind; this is a fun break from routine, and I’m always more productive when there’s nobody around.

I spent about an hour last night designing the save mechanism for Calliope. It was a classic scenario for design advocates. I started with a rough idea of the implementation, which I expected to need about one side of one page of paper. Half an hour into the design, I had a nice design which covered both sides of a piece of paper. I then saw areas that I could refine and simplify, so that I ended up with a design that fitted on half of one side of a piece of paper, and will be more flexible than my original plan.

Now I have to design the loading mechanism. Well, and implement saving.

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