Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Blender is dangerous. I just spent an hour assembling this snub fighter, and another half hour making this, and it felt like about five minutes. Major Time Suckage Alert.

On to more interesting things. I received my cel of Washu and Yosho today, along with a promotional DVD for Samurai Jack, both of which I won on eBay. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Samurai Jack DVD yet, though I’m itching to do so.

Saalon stayed home sick today, so we ICQ‘d each other throughout the day. He’s getting ready to shoot leet next week, sketching out plans for the major fight scenes.

He’s also started writing a young adult novel. It features a teenager who has few real-world friends, but makes a lot of friends in one particular chatroom online. The story follows this teen as he experiences both the healthy and the unfortunate aspects of online communities. I was fortunate enough to read the introduction Saalon wrote, which impressed me to the point that I’m actively looking forward to reading more. Now I just hope he continues writing the book.

I chatted with Brennen as well. He’s preparing for a lot of trips; check out his website for more details. Best of luck, Bren.

I had a pretty good time roleplaying tonight. We spent all of our time world-buliding, coming up with ideas for chancels and other nobles. We even managed to make Santa Claus a major character (and a cool one, at that).

The AtheOS community is expanding. The main mailing list reguarly gets dozens of messages a day now, which is…kind of exhilarating. It’s odd, going from a list with maybe half a dozen regular members, to a list with more posters than you can keep track of. I like it, though. This is one of the reasons why I started using AtheOS; I like getting in at the beginning of things. Maybe that’s a mainfestation of my desire to be a Big Important Person; I dunno.

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