Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Just a quick update early in the day; I’ll expand this later.

Had a lot of fun role-playing Nobilis last night. I’d like to write up our adventures, but for the time being I’m just posting brief notes.

I got home at 10:30, to find that Saalon had just called. I called him back, and we had a wonderful three-hour conversation, mainly about Wine.

So, what happened today? Not much, really. My alarm failed to go off, so I got to work late. The team I’m in had a picnic at a nearby park, which was a lot of fun — my boss’ wife brought a fantastic Japanese dish. I’ll try to get the recipe.

Then I got home, and had another long talk with Saalon, and then chatted with my parents before getting caught up on e-mails. The AtheOS discussion list has become very busy since the release of 0.3.5 (73 posts today), so that’s taking up some time. I also got a suggestion to add an area on Kamidake where people can post entries for applications that are in development.

And then I went to bed. Oh, but I bought some cool stuff off of eBay: a Neon Genesis Evangelion poster, and a promo CD for Samurai Jack.

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