Thursday, October 25, 2001

Got an e-mail this morning about the download counter Kamidake. Right now, each version of an application has its own download counter, and the sum of all the download counters is displayed at the top of the applications page, as “58 downloads” or whatever. A problem arises when a developer removes an old version, though; a bunch of downloads suddenly disappear from the download counter.

However, I don’t want Kamidake to list downloads for files that no longer exist, do I? Yes. Yes, I do. It’s a download counter, not a download sum. My programmer’s ego nearly got in the way of the reasonable solution. I’ll have to fix that.

This evening, Saalon, Brennen, and I had a long DSP meeting. We got into a somewhat nasty argument, but our tempers cooled quickly. We’re moving forward on a variety of things, especially leet. But we’ve really got to work on our website.

I digitally photographed a couple of my computer games and put them up for auction on eBay. It’ll feel good to gain extra space.

I also made some progress on Landscape. More details are at its own website.

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