Monday, November 19, 2001

Some actual content: Last night I watched the second and final DVD of the Ah My Goddess! OVA. It was surprisingly good; they managed to pull off a movie-scale story in about 70 minutes. Clearly, this was their Tenchi Muyo! in Love (I or II).

As I discovered from the first disc, the best part of the experience was re-watching the disc with the commentary track turned on, where the producers and voice actors pretty much MST the whole thing.

Ahhhh, MST3K. Gone. It was a good ten years. Maybe I should buy some tapes.

John C. Dvorak has a nice summation of the Lindows controversy (Lindows being a proposed Linux-based OS that’ll integrate the WINE Windows emulator, so you can run both Linux and Windows software with it):

Lindows may not succeed, but it’s at least possible. Even if Lindows comes close to success, the product could beget the massive transition that Microsoft perpetually fears.

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