Monday, November 5, 2001

This has been one of those days that’s been remarkable mainly due to its lack of remarkable events.

In other words: I read some of John’s gospel, and read a bit about Ignatius Loyla and Blaise Pascal. I practiced drawing, and managed to draw a good head of hair for the first time. I may add features to the head and post it later.

[Boogiepop Phantom cover]

watched some anime, as well: the final episode of Boogiepop Phantom‘s first disc, plus all of the third Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 DVD. Both were satisfying, though in completely different ways. Boogiepop is complicated horror, while Bubblegum Crisis is fantastically well-tuned action/adventure. I never thought a remake could be done so well (Chiaki J. Konaka’s writing undoubtedly helps).

I’m also working on a nearly completed review of the Gunsmith Cats OVA. I should start working on a review of Boogiepop next, probably.

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