Saturday, December 22, 2001

Well. Today was unexpectedly busy for me.

Either my Mom forgot to tell me, or I forgot, that my sister, her husband, and their three daughters were coming over here for the day today. So, I ran to my book club (where, after discussing Christians’ need to stand up and do the right thing for Christ no matter how people act, nobody was willing to ask the clerk to turn down the music), then finished up my Christmas shopping.

And I have several potential events that I’d love to talk about, but can’t, because describing them would reveal facts about the gifts I bought. I’ll have to stay mum on those for awhile.

I had a great time with the relatives — my Grandmother showed up too, by the way — and received some really nice presents from them (devotional books, Star Wars books, a DVD of Spies Like Us, and a big hunk of chocolate).

It was almost a shame to break away from them and fire up AIM to chat with Max Kim (Wine), but boy was it worth it. We had a great time talking, about writing and drawing and anime. He wants to work on my next animated project, whatever that turns out to be, and grasps my desire to create an animation that is a Great Work Of Art.

In other words, we synergized our processes to maximize intra-resource workflow.

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