Sunday, December 23, 2001

Dec 23 2001

We’re on the road today! Karl Gross, one of my best friends during my high school years, is getting married tomorrow in Norfolk. My parents and I are drove down to Norfolk this afternoon, and we’re staying in a small Ramada near the ocean. The breeze carries a taste of the sea….

I am slightly annoyed that Karl decided to get married on Christmas Eve. Sure, it makes for a very special time, but it’s a major inconvenience for everyone involved. Saalon is facing a similar situation, but one in which he potentially has to choose between being a groomsman at a friend’s wedding, or seeing his family for Christmas.

Christmas time is a hectic time, even when everything goes smoothly. Why make the holidays any more stressful than necessary? Get married in January — or, even better, on Valentine’s Day.

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