Thursday, December 13, 2001

New anime song download: the theme to “Big Shots” in Cowboy Bebop. Check out the sidebar; the song will only be available for about a day.

Here’s the latest in my invention saga. Our admin person suggested that I e-mail our CEO about it. I did so yesterday; here’s the relevant part of his reply:

“I will let you know within a day or so if there is additional documentation, study, or steps required on our part.”

Hmmmm. Cool. I’ll be tickled if he asks for a demo, or even a design document. It’ll only help my standing in the company.

[Weird image]
It’s like they service the Terminator.

To completely change the subject, I spent about an hour last night trying to run speaker wire from my room to the living room. Our plan is to hook up the living room speakers to my main computer (on a speaker switch), so that we can opt to broadcast my MP3 collection in the living room. More specifically, we can broadcast Christmas MP3s during our upcoming party.

This is turning into a fairly complicated task, for a couple of reasons:

  • We have to decide on the gauge of wire to use. I chose 18-gauge wire blindly, but after doing some research, it turns out that choosing gauge is a matter of signal loss, and we can live with some signal loss in this attempt.

  • We need a speaker switch in my room, so I can output my sound card’s audio signal to either the speakers in my room, or the 75-foot speaker wire connected to the living room speakers.

  • We’ll need to connect the 75-foot speaker wire to the tuner in the living room, but that tuner has RCA jacks. I’ll have to buy jacks at Radio Shack and physically wire them to the speaker wire.

Last night, we managed to run the speaker wire from my room, through the basement; Dad’s working on a plan to get the speaker wire actually into the living room. I’ll try to buy the RCA jacks tonight. If all that works out, then the only thing remaining is to hook up the speaker switch in my room, and test it all out.

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