Tuesday, December 25, 2001 — Christmas Day

I haven’t seen a flake of snow yet this season, but despite having a Grey Christmas, I’m having a wonderful time.

It’s been a quiet Christmas, which is a welcome relief after the rush of the last few days. My Grandmother came over to our house this morning, and the four of us (Grandmother, my parents, and I) opened presents until noon. We had a leisurely dinner of beef stroganoff (sp?), green beans, breadsticks, and champagne, then chatted for the rest of the day. After Grandmother left in the afternoon, my parents and I played three leisurely games of Rummikub, and in the best spirit of the season, we each one a game.

Here’s a quick catalog of my gifts:

Tomorrow, I plan to spend some time alone with a pencil and a pad of paper, dreaming up ideas for my next animated project.

Fun new anime song to download: “10 Years After” from Gundam: 08th MS Team.

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