February 12, 2002

It’s late at night, so I can’t write fluidly, but I wanted to record that I watched the final episodes of NieA Under 7 today, and I am thoroughly impressed. The ending was a total surprise to me. The crew behind NieA deserves a good round of applause.

I also finished the fourth Gasaraki DVD, of which I should probably write a POV review. Good stuff. I’m reminded of why I like Gasaraki: it’s well-animated, and it actually explains its story, unlike some other mech shows I could name.

And I watched the Westminster Dog Show. I’ve fallen in love with the Australian Shepherd.

Boy, I need to go to bed.

So, I will. Good night.

went to Men’s Academy this morning, which went well. John talked about the responsibility a man has to his wife. Marriage is not a matter of domination or total submission for either partner; it’s a matter of the man taking responsibility for the marriage.

I performed some mundane errands after Men’s Academy, including a trip to Suncoast. I couldn’t resist the siren song of consumerism; I bought the final disc of the NieA Under 7 series, the first Adventures of the Mini-Goddess disc, and the new Mad Max DVD. Cool stuff. I may watch them today.

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