Thursday, February 14, 2002 — Valentine’s Day

I seem to be getting into a bad habit of waiting until my bedtime before updating this journal. As a result, I tend to be exhausted and unable to write at any depth.

[Sarah character design]

Well, I really must mention that I got an e-mail two days ago from the maintainer of Planet of Darkness, a Dragonball Z fansite. He came across the website for Wine to Those in Anguish, and not only volunteered to help out, but praised Wine on his site.

I was floored. Somebody I didn’t know not only liked Wine; he was recommending it to other people. And this, as a result of something that I created. Wow. It’s an awe-inspiring, humbling experience.

Thank you, God.

Of course, I had to tell that person that Wine is in deep-freeze until I finish Murmur of a Summer’s Day, which he accepted graciously. It’s a shame that I couldn’t say “Great! Hop on board! Here’s where you can help….”

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