Monday, March 25, 2002

I had an exhausting, but very enjoyable, weekend. I find I’m very tired whenever I entertain somebody, especially for a long weekend. These past few days have been no exception.

But I, at least, had a great time. Erin was a great companion. We explored quite a bit of D.C. on foot yesterday, wandering in and out of shops, squinting at tiny signs on the front of tiny embassies, and commenting on bad drivers.

In any event, Erin returned home safely, and now I’m back in my routine. I have one week to finish work on Quiet before I launch it, so I plan to spend some time on it every day. There’s not too much left to do; mostly cleaning up and testing a bunch of my back-end scripts, which are pretty complicated.

Not much else of note has happened, though, and since I’ve developed a dislike for too many predictions of my future behavior, I’ll stop this entry here.

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