April 29, 2002

Schedules are cool. Not to brag, but because of my scheduling, tonight I’ve managed to:

  1. Pick up brush in my garden
  2. Fill the bird feeder
  3. Work on Quiet
  4. Finish an article I’ve been writing
  5. Read bits of The Commanding Heights and The Pilgrim’s Progress
  6. Draw
  7. Practice the piano
  8. Practice calligraphy

Schedules are cool.

I am not going to start publishing Night Life (my comic) until I can reliably draw the same character from different angles. It would be folly to act otherwise. I had no idea I was in so much need of practice.

Neat article: “ALgorithms in Africa”, about the complex problems of bringing computers into Africa. I could argue at length about certain bits of the article — like his complaint that all Americans have a stereotype about Africa and that it’s insulting that all Americans have this stereotype — but overall, I found the article to be excellent and fascinating.

Oops! Forgot to update for several days there.

[Yamaha keyboard]

bought a new Yamaha PSR-282 portable keyboard synthesizer Saturday. For a long time, I’ve wanted to try composing music. This keyboard seems to be a good way for me to try my hand at musical composition.

Saturday night, I re-watched Only Yesterday, a Studio Ghibli anime film about a vacationing woman reminiscing about her experiences in the fifth grade, with my Mom. She really enjoyed the film; the fifth-grade segments are set in 1966, which increases the nostalgia factor. I love the film; it has its flaws, but it’s a lovely little movie.

The AWANA year is almost over. After a few weeks, I won’t see any of these kids for several months.

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