Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I have got to find a better time to update this thing.


We had our driveway paved today. The new pavement looks fantastic. The house looks like it’s worth 25% more than what it was worth yesterday. We can’t drive on it yet, though, so we’re hiking out to the street where we’ve parked our cars.

Halfway through cutting our front lawn, I accidentally brought the mower down on a stump and bent the blade. Dad and I drove to Home Depot looking for a replacement blade, but they don’t sell any for our manufacturer. I felt disappointd. Dad’s going to go to a local repair shop and get a new one tomorrow morning so he can finish mowing the front lawn before my aunt arrives in the afternoon. So I feel bad about causing that.

I put together a prototype of a new design for Daemonsong‘s website. Saalon really likes it, a fact that lightened my day considerably.

I watched an episode of Sherlock Hound, a Hayao Miyazaki-directed children’s anime TV series that re-imagined Sherlock Holmes in a world of anthromorphic dogs. The character designs are lovely and the dub is passable, but the writing and pacing are both horrendous.

I then watched most of an episode of Captain Harlock, which despite having questionably weird writing and pacing, absolutely rocks my world. This is vintage space opera; weirdly-designed little fighters with those pulsing lights on the tips of the wings; big, sparkling space cruisers; storylines bigger than the cruisers, and characters that somehow manage to exude coolness.

I also worked a bit more on character designs for my space station comic strip.

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