September 1, 2002 continues to be my current favorite toy. It actually lets me be organized, without pushing a lot of pre-defined structure on me. I can add in a lot of work, and it stays nicely divided out, but I can also see that work from a variety of perspectives.

My latest programming project: an IRC-based MUD. I want to make, well, three things:

  1. A good toy. It’ll hopefully be interesting and entertaining, but at the end of the day, it’ll just be a way to blow off a few hours.
  2. An experiment in computer-generated drama. I can’t necessarily generate interesting stories, but I would like to make a MUD that tries to keep the players’ experience dramatically interesting.
  3. A fun dungeon crawl. If nothing else, I want it to be fun to dive into the abandoned caverns beneath the city and hack away at a few undead.

More information as the project progresses, if it does.

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