September 17, 2002

And here’s another note: CQ is a romantic comedy about a movie director trying to make a goofy sci-fi fantasy. Sounds very cool.

Also interesting, in a completely different way, is Crossroads of Freedom, a look at the battle of Antietam that’s earning rave reviews.

11:40 a.m.

Intentional Programming is an extendible programming environment based on Active Source which was being researched by Microsoft. Program source is represented as a data structure rather than plain text. One of the most exciting concepts is that you can implement a system using domain-specific abstractions.”

This is the brainchild of Charles Simonyi, longtime Microsoft developer and inventor of Hungarian notation and Microsoft Word, who today announced that he’s leaving MS to found his own company, Intentional Programming Inc. The basic idea behind IP is to write software using an abstract interface, which figures out the exact implementation details on its own.

10:02 a.m.

And ooooooh, this rocks. WTG, Brennen!

Well, my schedule at work is slowly settling down. I’m a little less stressed now, and ready to figure out exactly what to do with my free time.

I nearly got myself involved in another alternative operating system yesterday (Syllable, which certainly looks cool). I was just skimming around, seeing what was happening with the ex-AtheOS crowd, and debated whether I shouldn’t download it, try it out, and help out that little community.

It’s funny, because I abandoned the AtheOS community only a few months ago because it was sucking up too much of my free time. There’s nothing wrong with working on an alternative operating system, but it’s the sort of project that isn’t nearly as important as a lot of other things I could be doing. Ultimately, I’d rather spend my time learning to draw, or learning Japanese, or getting together with friends.

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