Monday, October 21, 2002

[Tsukikage Ran image]

A few random notes today:

Excellent article pointing out that open source systems aren’t inherently more secure than closed-source systems, and discussing some of the reasons why that is.

Tsukikage Ran is my latest favorite anime series. It’s a parody of Japanese samurai “buddy” shows (wherein a competent samurai and his sidekick wander rural Japan), but presented as more of a comedy, where the two protagonists are female. It has that ability seen in series like Tenchi Muyo! to balance action, comedy, drama, and character development evenly. The characters are great. This should not be surprising, as it’s the latest series from Daichi Akitaro (of the ridiculously popular comedies Kodomo no Omacha and Jubei-Chan, and the brilliant dramatic action series Now and Then, Here and There).

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