October 8, 2002

Bookshelved is a relatively new Wiki devoted to literature. It strikes me as a perfect application of the Wiki concept: collaborative creation of a database of authors and books, including discussion, using a simple interface. Not unlike the IMDb, except without a complicated registration process (which can be good and can be bad).

Also, Bookshelved has an intriguing notion that a Wiki can be seen as a game.

Brennen writes a fascinating article about medieval outlaws in folklore.

Meanwhile, I’ve been neglecting this diary for awhile. What’s new?

I’ve seen Spirited Away three times in the past three weeks, and re-watched Princess Mononoke with a friend on Sunday. I’ve been on a major Miyazaki kick recently, especially with my Miyazaki Marathon a few weeks back, and I’m beginning to realize that I’m ready to stop. I love Miyzaki’s works, and I’ve been happy to learn from them, but I think I’ve learned all I want to. “The truth suffers from overanalysis,” to quote the Fremen, and I’m very near the point where Miyazaki’s works become so familiar that they lose their magic. Perhaps it’s time for me to consciously step away from those works.

I’m also becoming a bit frustrated with the fact that, while I’m now keeping up pretty well with my responsibilities and desires, I’m not moving forward with Murmur of a Summer’s Day. Murmur is what I want to give to the world, and I feel that perhaps it should take priority over a few other things in my life.

The problem, as usual, is time. I need to just set aside some time, every week at least, to work on Murmur. And if I can’t get to my calligraphy or piano practicing because of it, that’s fine.

Okay. In writing this, I have decided: I’ll spend at least an hour, maybe two, every Thursday night working on Murmur. And this means really working on it: writing the script, or drawing storyboards.

It’s time.

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