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October 15, 2002

From JavaLobby (free reg. required), an article about re-organizing that site into a community that can evangelize Java to the world. It ends with a call to arms about a number of topics, and this one struck me: “How can we help get an informed, attractive message about the qualities of Java technology out to the thousands of people who take their first steps into the world of software each and every day?” […]

October 10, 2002

You may have noticed some slight changes in this website. I’m experimenting with color and presentation a bit, cleaning up the code slightly. Let me know what you think. Wow. You know Godwin’s Law, “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one”? Well, Godwin talks about it. It was a conscious effort on his part in memetic engineering.

October 9, 2002

And here’s why I love Google News: Three articles about the same event, all offering fascinating perspectives. The event in question is Tom Petty’s new album, “The Last DJ,” which laments the current state of radio. Launch Yahoo’s article is rather bland but informative, offering maximum content with minimum fluff. United Press International’s article quotes extensively from Petty’s interview and emphasizes his hippie-ish beliefs […]

October 8, 2002

Bookshelved is a relatively new Wiki devoted to literature. It strikes me as a perfect application of the Wiki concept: collaborative creation of a database of authors and books, including discussion, using a simple interface. Not unlike the IMDb, except without a complicated registration process (which can be good and can be bad). Also, Bookshelved has an intriguing notion that a Wiki can be seen as a game. Brennen writes a fascinating article about […]

October 4, 2002

The entire script of The Princess Bride. Ahhh, I’d forgotten how great this is. IMPRESSIVE CLERGYMAN(clears his throat, begins to speak) Mawidge…mawidge is what bwings us togewer today… He has an impediment that would stop a clock. Signal vs. Noise is a weblog from the team at 37signals. At SVN, you’ll find musings and dialogue on the web world, design, entertainment, politics and whatever else they feel like talking […]

October 3, 2002

Huh. Argentosoma is an anime mech series coming to American shores. Looks very funky. 3:39 p.m. How Software Companies Die, by Orson Scott Card. Heh. 3:39 p.m. Hey, CD Japan has a lovely new interface. And it’s a great place to find Japanese anime and music directly from Japan. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the Extreme Programming section of the WikiWikiWeb. There’s a lot of material on there […]

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

“New Music Jukebox, an imaginatively conceived online library sponsored by the American Music Center, might wind up as the digital equivalent of [a] slush pile. But it also has the potential to bring a wider variety of works by American composers to the attention of performers, students, artistic administrators, choreographers and critics…the site will function as a clearinghouse where anyone can search for works by composer, genre or instrumentation and access score or sound files directly or via links […]

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