January 9, 2003

Jan 09 2003

Hmm. The 13th most popular search string used to find this site is “big breasts.” I’d love to know why.

Though now that I’ve put it in a journal entry, it’ll match more strongly. Ah well.

12:12 a.m.

And here’s my vote: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdonm is an incredibly good read. Yes, you can read it online. Just plain good SF, in the tradition of Snow Crash. Seriously.

12:12 a.m.

“Experiencing great art on the Web is about as close to the real thing as phone sex, and considerably less satisfying.” — Anne E. Berman

About two weeks ago, I learned that one of my friends is going to be experiencing a vacancy in his apartment — one of his roommates is leaving. He offerred me the opportunity to move in, if I was interested.

I’m planning to check out the apartment in question this Saturday. I don’t know what to expect, other than that it’s comparatively large — 1,400 square feet shared by a total of three people, with three full bathrooms. The space being offerred to me is a loft with a walk-in closet.

I’ve been seriously thinking of moving out of my parents’ house for months now, mainly because I feel that it’s time for me to strike out on my own. I have a great relationship with my parents, and my room is amazing; I have no relational problems. But I’ve felt that it’s time in my life.

Now that the opportunity is presenting itself, and I’ve been thinking and praying about it, I feel a peace about it all. I feel like now is the time for me to move out. I’m not saying I will move out, note. And I know I’ll be homesick. But I’m ready.

It’s weird. I expected this to be a really tough decision. But at this point, I don’t feel particularly emotional about the decision itself. The event will be huge in my life, when it comes, but I can approach the decision with a pretty calm mind.

And that’s a very good thing.

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