May 13, 2003

Oooh. I recently stumbled across alt.legends.atlantis, a clearinghouse for completely insane people. Check these snippets out:

First, we need to cover the surface of the earth with a cloud of Argongas,

Next, onto the polymer clones [orchid people].

This experiment survived the crash along with the radioactive blood worms and the flourescent mosses that were not killed along with the astronauts...

HAARP microwave beams are behind the violent spate of twisters and tornadoes and floods in the U.S. Midwest

One other important thing. If you speak a foreign language, or several, it will help you resist the telepaths.

Please ... let us start a thread right here where hundreds and thousands CONFESS!!

Does anyone else have visions of the Spanish Inquisition with that last quote? I’ll also note that there were no replies to that thread….

Doesn't surprise me that Axel Springer AG is part of the nano-chip implant super-classified programs of mind control and telepathy at Fort Bragg.

You know, I don't think much about spelling when I'm writing the posts.

Wow. I just got a bit of spam that must have been generated by an impressively smart bot:

From: "Stella James"
Subject: About your site —
Date: Tue, May 13, 2003 8:00 am


I had the pleasure of visiting your website. Its interesting to know about your company Stun- and the products that you are offering. I got to know form your site about your new product "Eburia", a web-based bug-tracking tool. You have also put up a section describing all your old products. Making your business presence known in today's online marketplace is a key factor in building up your vast client base. I am sure your venture into bringing such a business to the on line market will surely be worth the effort.

I represent, a professional web hosting and web design provider on the run with over 75,000 customers worldwide. We are currently promoting a trial offer...

To have pulled out the fact that I’ve put up information about Eburia is quite a feat, unless that was done manually by the spammer.

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