Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Lileks has an excellent Bleat that sums up a lot of my feelings on The Matrix Reloaded. Just, y’know, so you know.

…Which reminds me. I went to see the film, and didn’t post my opinion here. I posted a bunch of thoughts to MatrixReloaded on the C2 wiki.

In any event, I had a very good weekend. It was productive in that relaxing way that comes when you calmly decide to do what you can, right now, without stressing out. And you find yourself being both productive and happy.

I caught up on quite a bit of anime: Dai-Guard, Argentosoma, Rahxephon, Tsukikage Ran, His and Her Circumstances.

That latter, His and Her Circumstances, was a real treat. It’s by GAINAX (of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame), and I was extremely impressed by it. It’s a romantic comedy that manages to be both truly romantic and gut-busting hilarious, without compromising either.

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