Saturday, June 7, 2003

God’s draining his bathtub on us again. This isn’t a stately rain, or a a calm rain; this is sullen rain. Rain that wants to be hail.

It’s made worse by the fact that yesterday was achingly beautiful; a high of 82 degrees under an postcard blue sky that God had dotted with clouds just for visual interest. And that had been preceded by a solid month of grim grey skies and incessant rain. I’m surprised God hasn’t stuck his head out of the clouds and said, “Oh, you know that promise I made to Noah? I was kidding.”

Yesterday was a struggle at work. I’m deeply discouraged about my work at this point, and can’t make myself attack it much. Oh, I do work every day, but I have no enthusiasm.

Why? We have two hundred documents to complete in the next month and a half, and they (almost) all have to be reviewed by engineers before I can finish them. The engineers know that they have to review these documents soon, and that I need them sooner rather than later so I can review and format them properly before the deadline. But the engineers haven’t sent any documents to me yet.

Worse, I’m the one who has to get on the phone with the customer every other week and explain why our chart of “documents complete” has been horizontal for the past several months.

I didn’t mind so much until a few weeks ago, when I began realizing that I’m out of time. I don’t think I can review and re-format two hundred documents — some of which are hundreds of pages long — in six weeks.

I’m going to look bad.

And it’s not my fault.

And I can’t think of anything I can do.

As always, Advice is welcome. I almost never get e-mail about journal entries, so anything would be welcome. Heck, I haven’t received a “u r a moron u suk” e-mail yet, which means I still haven’t hit the big-time.

Sheesh. I guess this rain is getting me down.

By the way, the Adobe bundle arrived today. Thanks, Saalon and Erin!

Also by the way, the new ABe/Ueda/Konaka anime series Texhnolyze started airing this past April, not next April, as I’d previously thought. I could get fansubbed VCDs of the first five episodes off eBay, but I really don’t want to go nuts over this series yet. Because of its pedigree, it’ll be too easy for me to build up my expectations too high. I’ll look into it. I’ll keep an eye on it. If I build up a huge interest in the series, great. But for now, I’ll treat it like it’s any other anime series out there.

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