Monday, July 7, 2003

I had an excellent weekend.

It was hot, all weekend: in the 90’s and humid. I didn’t mind that on the Fourth of July, because the Fourth is supposed to be hot. You’re supposed to sweat on the Fourth. The fireworks are a relief from the heat of the day.

On Friday, I visited some old friends to help them set up their new wireless network. I was satisfied that I was able to help; though we didn’t get it to work, I knew enough to be able to isolate the problem and suggest what they should do next. I at least worked from knowledge.

I then drove to my parents, where I lounged in their pool. They are lucky dogs, as they’ve installed a heater in the pool, so the water was absolutely perfect. I felt like staying in it forever, floating in crystal-clear water. But no, Mom tossed some Buffalo Burgers on the grill, and we had a delicious dinner, after which I drove over to McLean Bible for Redemption. Only a couple other people were there, all of us older, so we were able to watch Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (the movie) on a big screen.

The Bebop movie was excellent. They managed to recapture the fun and feel of the TV show, while telling a decent story, and giving all the characters exactly the screen time they needed. And it was just fun.

I spent a good chunk of Saturday at home, though in the afternoon I puttered around with my parents, showing them a few places near my apartment. I was able to spend the evening ironing as I listened to Prairie Home Companion, an experience that I’d like to turn into a habit. Not that ironing is any fun, but at least I can listen to an entertaining two hours of music and humor while I do it.

I also talked with Saalon, which put me in the mood to write. And, amazingly enough, I did: I scribbled out an idea, then wrote about five hundred words. I feel rusty, but good.

I spent all day Sunday out. First came church, then I returned to those family friends to further hack away at their network. We made some progress, though I plan to return again so I can back up some of their files. I did make some progress on another front, though: one of them is a Dragonball Z fan, and has drawn some excellent fanart. I talked to him about doing an animation for Otherspace Productions, which he said he’ll think about. I’m excited; that’s a good resource.

Afterwards, I went out to dinner with some friends, and we went to see Hulk, and as one of my friends put it, “For what it was, it was superb.” More to come on that later.

And now I’m sitting at my desk, writing this entry. I wish I could write some more of that story – I’d like to see where it goes – but it’s 10:45 p.m. and I have work tomorrow. So, I’ll read a bit of Charles H. Spurgeon then try to drift off to sleep.

And that was my weekend.

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