Wednesday, July 2, 2003

So. Er. Perhaps I should rant here.

Problem is, there’s nothing that I want to rant about.

I dislike ranting, really. It’s a sad excuse for assembling a coherent argument or actually doing something. If you hate something, either dissect it so it can’t survive, or march down to the square and change it.

There’s nothing wrong with emotions, of course. But making an argument through emotion is no way to make an argument. You can’t persuade me by being passionate.

Passion‘s another interesting topic. It’s easy to confuse love with passion, and not just in a romantic relationship. Love makes a kid watch movies; passion makes a kid make movies. There’s a whole other dimension to passion.

And passion can be good or bad. Look at the passion of the students at Tiannemen Square. And look at the passion of Usenet.

That’s all for today.

(…Boy, that was weird.)

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