Monday, August 25, 2003

Had a good weekend, though without any major exciting events to write about.

It was an achingly beautiful weekend; both days were nearly cloudless, starting out cool then warming up just to remind you it’s summer without ever beating you up like some summer days do. Bees buzzed, butterflies fluttered drunkenly around gardens, and life was good. The flowers weren’t all in full bloom, as this is the end of summer, but that only made the ones that did bloom that much nicer.

I paid off my credit card bills on Thursday, finally and thank the Light, so I spent much of the weekend shopping. Got a nice new black shirt, which I’m wearing as I type this (and I’ve already received a compliment on it), a new belt, the Jet Li film Fist of Legend, a new inflatable mattress, and two new bookcases, which just about tapped me out. Then I stopped by Kitchens, Etc. for a juicer and discovered that they finally had more of my china pattern — on clearance. Eeks! So I spent $60, but I now have eight full place settings in my pattern.

It’s ironic, isn’t it; now that I have my credit cards under control, I spend a lot of money. You’d think I’d be anxious to hoard it now.

On the other hand, money has never had much of a hold over me. I like buying things with money, but I don’t really worry about it or think about it. And if I decide to just stop spending, I can do that pretty well too.

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