Monday, September 22, 2003

[Misty Bridge]

Light, I’m tired.

I need to start cordoning off my weekends. I was on my feet practically all weekend, and that’s just plain not healthy. It keeps me from decompressing after the work-week, so that I’m a zombie the next week.

Like I am today.

The first night of AWANA went well. It’s amazing how good I feel when in AWANA; I just know what I’m doing and can really lead and help everyone to have a great time. It’s like I fit there, in some strange and spiritual way. You know how you’ll work some place, and there’s one guy who just fits, who looks like he was born for his job, and does it well, and you can’t imagine the place without him? I feel like that guy at AWANA.

Forgot to mention: I watched the first six episodes of Texhnolyze (the latest series from the makers of serial experiments lain) last week. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Certainly much more violent than their past work. I’m not quite sure what I think of it, much like lain makes very little real sense until you watch it all the way through. So far, Texhnolyze is certainly a fascinating SF tale.

Other news. Hmmm. I’ve assembled a list of features to implement for the next prototype of Contract Tycoon, so hopefully I can begin working on it with Sasha soon.

I’m still contemplating building that MMORPG; I’ve received some great ideas from people. If I do implement it, I need some sort of access method. I can’t imagine writing a full graphical client, as I don’t have the experience in either Windows or MacOS. Perhaps make it a text-based MUD to begin with?

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