Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Stephen writes, in response to my previous post:

What kind of friendship is that?

Okay. What is friendship? Is friendship only something that occurs between bosom buddies?

I find that a lot of people tend to have a black-and-white view of friendship; a person is either someone you spend lots of time with, or an acquaintance at best. No. Friendship has much greater gradation than that. I have some close friends, and some distant friends. I don’t talk to those distant friends often or deeply. Does that mean I should abandon them? I think not. A weak connection with a person is still a connection, and valuable. There is no such thing as a meaningless life, to quote Chiaki J. Konaka.

On a more personal note, I’m tired. Despite the three-day weekend – during which I mostly rested – work is really intense adn tough. We have to complete eight documents per week to be done on time, and these are typically hundred-page documents.

And, again, I’m not complaining per se. Just reporting. I’m bushed, and I don’t know how I’m going to summon the energy to keep on working.

If only I could summon a glowing energy halo in real life….


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