Tuesday, September 23, 2003

[Pine needles and fence]

Dang. I’d really like to get ahead on this journal.

My regular blogs are sparse on new text today, so I don’t have much to write about there. I have a few other things in the works, but haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.

I’m doing surprisingly well, considering it’s a Tuesday. We had a relaxing Monday Group last night, just three of us talking about creative power. How we see it in our lives. How it’s touched us.

Five days later, and we’re still recovering from Isabel; one major thoroughfare was flooded today. Well, that was probably caused by last night’s downpour, rain rain rain. It’s like the weather wants to get in one good drenching before autumn begins.

And it’s autumn! First day of autumn. How exciting.

…Blah. This is going nowhere. I think I’ll quit before this gets any more boring.

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