Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Brennen was kind enough to point out that I actually got something done. It made me think about getting things done.

It’s amazing, really, how rarely I do get things done. I think about it. I imagine myself having done it. And if I let it sit there for long enough, the novelty wears off and then I never actually do it. So nobody else can experience it, and it’s never really done. It’s just a neat idea. And neat ideas are about as common as dirt.

The problem with neat ideas is that they don’t really change anything, not until they’re put into action. You have to do things to really have an impact.

So, I’m becoming progressively less enamored with ideas in and of themselves. Ideas are important, but they must be implemented.

(Note that I’m not talking about changes in perspective, which can change how you view the world. Those are important because they only exist as ideas.)

Heh. Nothing earth-shatteringly revolutionary in anything here, but then truth rarely is.

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