Monday, October 27, 2003

Eh. I wrote a little entry about the Mac, but don’t feel like posting it yet. Now’s not the day.

Part of the problem is the rain outside. My world is drenched, rain pouring from the sky in amounts that would surprise Noah. And, of course, I have to be at work today.

But days like this were made for a steaming cup of tea, a good book, and a comfortable couch. I just can’t get enthusiastic about work. I should be home, curled up in a soft comforter and reading about the adventures of the Lensmen.

Speaking of which, I spent a good chunk of the weekend reading the first and most of the second books of the Lensman series (Triplanetary and First Lensman). They’re fabulous. This is where George Lucas got it from. Heck, this is where most of science fiction got its adventure from (frex, the Vorlons and Shadows of Babylon 5 have strong parallels to the two master races of the Lensman universe).

I had a good weekend; quiet, for the most part. I took care of my parents’ golden retriever while they were on vacation, but other than that, I continued my inner vacation.

I’m beginning to desire creativity and productivity. I want to do things now.

The question now is, what and how much?

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