Monday, November 10, 2003

Fair warning: I’m psychically exhausted, after spending a busy weekend out and about. This post sucks.

On Saturday, I went out to look at a new community of condos. I’d like to buy a place, rather than rent, and the prices at this place seemed reasonable.

It’s a lovely little gated community, and the condos are attractive in a neo-classical way. I like the feel of the place, which is important to me. I don’t believe in going for a deal that makes sense only numerically.

Saturday evening, I watched a bunch of bits and pieces, particularly two quite interesting films.

First up was Dragonball: The Legend Begins. This is a live-action Dragonball movie. Fortunately, it’s so bad it’s good. The acting is decent, the plot is incomprehensible, and the special effects alternate between decency and schlock. It was a great way to spend 90 minutes, though it would have been better with friends.

Then I saw Junkers Come Here, an incredible “family” film about an eleven-year-old girl coping with her life. It’s remarkable because it shows all sorts of little moments and nuances, and yet it’s entrancing to watch throughout. It reminded me greatly of The Snowman.

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