November 12, 2003

“At two other points, Neo flies like Superman and grabs people so quickly that the change of direction should kill them. But sometimes physics matter in the Matrix, and sometimes they don’t. Perhaps part of Neo’s power is that he can change the rules of the Matrix for everyone around him. If so, why does this story take so long?”

— Will Shetterly, the Matrix Reloaded lessons

Y’know, this journal thing works a lot better when I actually write an entry in advance. Not only does it give me editing time, my brain approaches writing differently that way. Instead of screaming, “You have to post something now!” it leans forward eagerly and asks, “What can we write about today?

I’m not writing this entry in advance, which is probably why I’m writing an entry that’s all about writing an entry.

I spent yesterday—Veteran’s Day— mostly with my parents, showing them Fight Club. I was afraid they’d react with slack-jawed horror, but they liked it quite a lot. We all laughed, then talked about the film over a late dinner of popcorn shrimp and organic vegetables. ‘Twas a good night.

I returned home to my newly-set-up computer configuration in my bedroom. I’ve hooked up two computers to a KVM switch, so they both share the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I did this because I wanted to install Syllable on one of the computers. This, I attempted last night. Worked fine. Rebooted, and the bootloader sat down on the floor, crossed its arms, and refused to speak to me. Arg.

Meanwhile, I’m making essentially no progress on any of my creative endeavors. I think I’ll write about that tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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