Thursday, November 13, 2003

Here are the four areas that I want to concentrate on for the next three months:

  • Animation — I want to produce matrix experiments lain, a Matrix spoof.
  • Programming — I want to finish prototype 6 of Contract Tycoon and write a few little applications for Syllable.
  • Writing — I want to write 10,000 words of Seeing Things Invisible and two short stories.
  • Exercise &mdash: I want to be running three days a week for three miles per run, and I want to run in a 5K race sometime around the end of January.

Part of that writing effort includes completing writing exercises. I write best when I’m completing exercises; they keep my writing muscles tuned.

So. Here’s the plan. I’m going to post a writing exercise here. I’ll wait a week, and then will provide webspace here where people can anonymously post their completed exercises. I’ll post mine as well, also anonymously.

Do you want to improve your ability to write? Try this exercise:

Choose two nouns, two verbs, and two adjectives at random. Write a rhyming poem incorporating all of them.

Purpose: Creativity in word usage and combination.

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