Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I haven’t written anything new on Wine yet, though that’s hardly surprising. I have so little energy to write in the evening, which is why I’m doing all my errands over the course of the week, so I’ll have Saturday free. I plan to write — Wine and other things — for pretty much all of Saturday. Wish me luck there.

In other news, I did a rather odd thing on Monday; I stumbled upon an anime pirate that was selling fansubbed DVDs. Normally, I avoid such dealers, since they’re profiting from a non-profit fan activity. But I was tired, this dealer had a large selection of impossible-to-find titles, and a strong desire for anime gripped me. I kepting adding titles to my shopping cart — Turn-A Gundam, Kodomo no Omocha: The Junior High Years, Macross Zero, New Dominion Tank Police, Earth Defense Family — and, when I looked at the cart to finalize my order, my brain fizzled. It said, “Duuuhhhhh…Okay,” and I ordered over two hundred dollars worth of anime.

Weird. But I am looking forward to receiving my purchase. Or, I was, until I checked a few moments ago to discover that it’s backordered. ARG!

It must be God’s punishment for sin in my life. ;-)

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