Sunday, December 7, 2003 — Pearl Harbor Day (USA)

Our server was hacked into last week, so we decided to wipe it clean and restore it from backup. ‘Twas the only safe course. The various sites hosted on the server have been coming back online steadily for the past few days, thanks to Brennen‘s hard work.

The anime music download link is down, since we decided not to restore all my anime mp3s. I’ll begin re-uploading them this week.

Friday night was an absolute blast. Old Man Winter was angry and poured half a foot of snow on us&rare for this area, so early in the season—and people reacted predictably, with complete panic. The church where I lead the Friday night card game was closed for the night.

I wasn’t informed of this, however, so I carefully packed up equipment and snacks, hauled them over to the church, and parked before discovering that the church was locked.

Worse, I knew that some folks were already on their way, and there was no way I could reach them. So I made an executive decision: we’d all meet in the parking lot and then head over to my apartment. And we did, smoothly enough.

The actual tournament was a real party. Everyone had a great time (except for one little girl who took her loss very hard), and the adults remarked that we should do this every week. Heh. I think not.

Saturday was not as productive as I’d hoped, though that’s hardly surprising considering that my new Saturdays-off routine is barely a week old. I did write most of my Christmas cards and plotted the immediate future direction of Seeing Things Invisible. And baked a batch of M&M cookies, and did laundry.

So, really, I did quite a lot. Just not what I wanted.

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