February 17, 2004

Feb 17 2004

Oooh! Now you too can own actual video footage of an alien encounter! Really! It’s on eBay, so it must be true! And the video only costs $1.3M. For the first bid, y’know.

Here’s the auction. Including a puff of smoke that’s actually a “preSumer Naggas.” There’s a role-playing scenario in here somewhere, I just know it….

[SUMO Mobile Suit]

Okay. I’m feeling better today, thanks to the support of my Monday Group last night.

Katsucon was indeed fun. I bought a bunch of DVD’s cheaply at the Dealer’s Room, as well as models of the Turn-A Gundam and SUMO Mobile Suit from Turn-A Gundam. Until recently, I never saw any appeal in models, but after trying out a 1/144 scale Wing Gundam model and discovering the amazingly high level of detail and articulation in these models — and how easy they were to assemble to a former Lego Maniac like myself — I’ve begun appreciating the attraction.

I watched the first two episodes of Tenchi Muyo! GXP, which I enjoyed. The series has a wonderfully absurd sense of humor as it follows Seina, a young man with literally the worst luck ever. The show manages to keep this funny without turning it into a painful cliche.

And AWANA is going well. I’m becoming more familiar…hmmm. As I write this, I realize that my comments will make little sense without an explanation of the organization of the AWANA club. Perhaps I’ll write that another time. Suffice to say that I am easing into my duties, and finding ways to accomplish them well.

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