Friday, February 13, 2004

Steven points out that he prefers iTunes to Magnatune. I understand why; iTunes is a great solution, too. I just can’t get used to buying music through an application. I prefer buying music off of a website. It seems less restrictive, somehow.

I’m…well, yesterday I was having a really bad time. A number of bad things have converged to suck the happines out of my life. I wasn’t horribly depressed; just low. But for some reason, I got into work this morning and started organizing a few things, and now I feel fine.

I think part of it comes from my working a bit on the Syllable User’s Bible, which needs a good reorganization. Though working on Cronan last night didn’t help. Don’t know.

Enough of this. If you like electronica/techno music, you might enjoy Cargo Cult; I’m currently listening to its album “Alchemy,” which I bought yesterday for USD $10. You can listen to the entire thing online (hi-fi or lo-fi).

In other news, I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox at work, and I’m extremely impressed. The only feature missing is the ability to rearrange tabs. I also installed the mouse gesture module, and I must admit it’s a killer feature. Very very cool. You right-click, move the mouse, and release the right mouse button. And voila — forward a page, back a page, reload document, close tab…it’s all there.

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