Friday, February 6, 2004

[Mike Nelson]

Well. After feeling rather down yesterday at work, I got home and had the best evening I’d had in weeks — cleaned dishes, did a load of laundry, wrote 300 words, added a feature to Cronan, and watched more of my MST3K collection (“Hamlet,” in this case).

There’s one unfortunate aspect to the MST3K collection, namely, each movie is introduced by Mike Nelson. But each introduction is about fifteen seconds long and Mike is apparently wearing no makeup since he looks frighteningly old. So here’s this nice guy who barely has enough time to say, “The next movie you’re about to see is <Movie Name>, and I laughingly remember that we used one character’s name as an epithet ever aftewards. So, here’s <Movie Name>.” I want to ask Rhino, why bother? Was tape so precious you couldn’t spend a few minutes filming Mike reminisce about the episode, or just some aspect of creating the show?

In other news, I’m excited about tonight — I’ll be attending a lecture given by Rintaro (director of the anime version of Metropolis, among others). I have to take the subway in to D.C., which concerns me a bit, but I’m thrilled about the opportunity to listen to an anime great.

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