Monday, February 23, 2004

Warning: Today’s entry is a boring retread of my weekend.

Shadrone writes that he doesn’t eat as well as he’d like, since he’s so busy. I was reading recently of an overweight programmer determined to lose weight, and his solution was to cook up a lot of stir-fry every Sunday, then dump it all into individual containers and take two to work every day. Makes a lot of sense. I’m think of doing this myself, since I’m getting tired of PB&J’s pretzels for lunch every weekday.

In other news, my weekend increased exponentially, so to speak. Saturday was quiet, in fact, quiet enough that I managed to read the entirety of Terry Prachett’s Moving Pictures. But then I hosted a Big American Party starting at 7:00 p.m. A tiny party, it turns out; only one person made it (Shadrone, as it happens). We had a good time, though, playing Tokyo and watching Macross Plus and Gasaraki.

I woke up late on Sunday, as usual, dropped by my parents’ house for a few hours, then went to my writing group. That’s a blessing, really. I was completedly blocked on two of my four writing projects, and they gave me solid new directions for both of them.

Then, AWANA, which is getting more and more fun as I get more used to my new duties. We played trivia games and I showed them a bit more of Princess Mononoke (by popular request!) at the end.

I finished up the night with another friend, who came over for a few hours. He whipped me in a game of chess, then blew me away in a game of Tokyo. It was good, though; we got to talk about our plans and lives. Good times.

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